Edward Neumann AKA EMCN

Giving a chaotic world some order since 2011™

I’m a London based photographer and image maker. My work mainly revolves around architecture with an emphasis on symmetry, perspective, motifs, leading lines, serendipity and harmony.

I also have a go at street photography, which I love, but find challenging.

Photomanipulations are a good creative outlet, revolving around geometric patterns and orbs.

To contact me please send an email to : ed *at* emcn.co.uk

Prints available on request

NFT Art :

The Orb Project | SolSea: http://bit.ly/2YrRO3A

▲⬤■ http://foundation.app/@EMCN13


Archinect Interview

Morpholio Eye Time 2013 Emerging Talent Jury Winner

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Fubiz (Symmetry)

Fubiz (Orb)

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“Structure” Photo Book